Musical Evolution

Hello again,

In the ever changing music scene and the douches that come with it, we have decided to start DominionMusic promotions.

This is a promotions company that puts the music first. In the all too familiar cut throat music scene, it’s band eat band sometimes.

It’s no fault of the people; rather, circumstances that get the best of peoples judgement when they decide to get cut throat.

DominionMusic promotions is a musician based promotional group that guarantees if the place pays, we won’t cut you out.

We will be looking to promote heavy music and good will towards men. So if you are interested in playing locally and abroad get in touch with us.

Communication is key these days, so talk to us and we will have everyone’s interest in mind, not just ours.

We also have a video production capabilities combined with web design and band graphics. If you want to get out there, hit us up.

Thanks, DominionMusic.


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Promotional group that puts the equality back in music. Here we have video, photo, web design and graphic capabilities. View all posts by Admin

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