Musical Evolution

Hello again,

In the ever changing music scene and the douches that come with it, we have decided to start DominionMusic promotions.

This is a promotions company that puts the music first. In the all too familiar cut throat music scene, it’s band eat band sometimes.

It’s no fault of the people; rather, circumstances that get the best of peoples judgement when they decide to get cut throat.

DominionMusic promotions is a musician based promotional group that guarantees if the place pays, we won’t cut you out.

We will be looking to promote heavy music and good will towards men. So if you are interested in playing locally and abroad get in touch with us.

Communication is key these days, so talk to us and we will have everyone’s interest in mind, not just ours.

We also have a video production capabilities combined with web design and band graphics. If you want to get out there, hit us up.

Thanks, DominionMusic.


After Much Consideration

Hello again,

We have decided that a name change was in order. Dominion will be the name of our cover band.

Our name will now be Devolve. I hope you enjoy both our  music projects.

This site will remain Dominion’s website, so if need be you can get a hold of us here.

Thanks again, DOMINION.

Booking: Upcoming Shows

Hello again,

We have another update for you.

Dominion had an August 6th show booked at The Empty Space in Bakersfield, but unfortunately it was cancelled.

But have no fear we are booking more gigs for your listening pleasure.

We are still working out the details about when we can record our upcoming EP.

We have it 85% complete, and this EP will be a wide range of tonal assaults with some songs length of epic proportion.

As a fellow music enthusiast I hope that we bring you the most we can offer without sounding too repetitive.

Our songs tend to be 6 minutes on average, but with us if you pay to see us we want you to get your money’s worth.

Hope to see you soon, Dominion.



 Splitting Dimensions  

The Portal

July 29th Show: Vinny’s Bar and Grill

Hello readers,

We want to give you an update about our latest show.

Once again we were honored to play with ExposE and American Sin.

We have played with both bands before, but never on the same ticket.

ExposE, an Alternative Grunge Metal band, went on first, and boy did they sound good.

ExposE, is a three piece, and has been paying together for the 3 years.

With Chuck T on guitars and vocals and Sam Coronado playing drums they are a duo to be reckoned with.

Then add Dustin Cruz on bass, and you have a band that Exposes who they really are.

American Sin was no joke either, with their tight riffs and clean chords they got the crowd going crazy.

They have a nice clean sound and have their music down.                

Residing in Tehachapi, American Sin is a American Metal band that can bring the house down.

Watch out for these guys.

You can find them on Facebook and Reverbnation.                                         

While I couldn’t snap any photos of myself we did have a video surface from that night.

Enjoy, it starts after the first verse.

Recording A Record: In The Process

Hello again,

We have been in talks and are waiting on a time when we can get together and record our music.

We are working with T from Bakersfield Music Now and are awaiting the go ahead, so we can head to the studio to record an EP.

All our music tends to be a little bit longer than most bands songs, but I say that you get your money’s worth with us.

Our approach is different than a lot of other bands, we tend to let the music form from within the members during our practices an writing times.

Our dual nature, in fast and heavy combined with our melodic and  slow sound, blends together to create an enjoyable musical experience.

Thanks again for stopping by. More from us soon.